19 June 2024

Say Hey & Hallelujah

the greatest player
in the history
of the greatest game
in our history
made the greatest catch
without seeing the ball
until right before it 
landed in his mitt
but sensing where
it was heading
he headed himself
in that direction
without looking back
but innately Knowing
which way it was going
and which Way
the Wind was blowing
and where the Energy
was freely Flowing
his Spirit trusted
in what he
could not see
and the ball
eventually did arrive
and the Play
(and history)
was made
not unlike Justice
deferred and delayed
eventually did arrive
to those Beloveds
still slaving away
in the dusted
and distant expanses
making a declaration
of true Independence
and a proclamation
of true Emancipation
and the ever-presence
of Divine Humanity
in all Beloveds
a true Incarnation
resurrected into expression
of true Interdependence
a holistic Jubilee
of unbridled Celebration
that all Beloveds
are truly Free
(and by Trust
in What we
do not see
will always Be)
so Say Hey
and Hallelujah
for miraculous Plays
and courageous Stays
and Infinite Ways
to embody Faith
and true Equality
and Liberty
and Justice
for All...


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18 June 2024


It's not about
achieving perfection
but believing connection
is a Sacred Source
of glistening invention
through listening with intention
not merely with our ears
but with our Senses
to each other
and our deepest Selves
and the deeper Spirit
sharing the Air
nurturing the Pneuma
rejoicing in Ruach
wandering and wondering
with the Wind
befriending our fears
and embracing them
with sighs and cries
moans and tones
melodies and harmonies
that emanate from years
and ages past
into the Present
and reverberate to soothe
our tender tears
and wounded Souls
and alleviate the aching
of our breaking Hearts
and elevate our sore-did
and burdened Beings
to Sacred Heights
simply by Breathing Together
whilst Being Together
seeping into the Silence
to reveal and release
the Resurrectional Resonance
sneaking into the Invisible
to unveil and unleash
the Visible Presence
conjuring the Cosmic
manifesting the Mystery
singing the Song
of Divine Humanity
in Temporal Eternity
under the guidance
of Priests on podiums
stoking the Spirit
working their Wizardry
to create amazing Alchemy
that communicates Infinity
the resounding Revelations
of the Almighty
in the Radiance
that enlivens 
and enlightens
and Delightens 
Us All...


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03 June 2024

3-or-4-Ever-More (for 34)

for the Grace
that embraces misgivings
(and even snore-givings)
with endless Forgivings
needed for Living(s)
with endless Thanksgivings
that engages Breathing
when we're seething
and understandably needing 
space for grieving 
and unspoken soothing
that enacts Sharing
and compassionate Caring
when circumstances call
more for swearing
and fearful tearing
apart our bearings
that empowers Forbearing
of each other
when we're weathering
the bumpy lumps
(a few more
than 3 or 4)
that rise up
on the road
of Life together
with the Love
that helps us
keep our bearings
in our unique
and inimitable pairing
and meets us
when we're despairing
with the Light
that softly saturates
the daunting darkness
and gently scatters
our fragile fears
and the Laughter
that not only
rattles the rafters
but also shatters
the solidified hearts
so easily hardened
by the knocks
of painful strife
on this sordid
and Sacred Sod
with playful pokes
that remind us
of our parts
in the craziest 
and Holiest 
of Jokes
like the pitchers
and the catchers
blundering their signs
wondering who's on
first and what
is the score
and the batters
who need just
one good pitch
one good swing
to bring Everyone
safely back Home
and Redeem Everything
like the 3-Personed God
4-Ever and Evermore
the uproarious 
and glorious
Gift that Shines
in the Face
of the One
whom i awake
to each Morn
and Graces each
Day and Space
with Puma Pride
by my side...

Thank You.

(to dear Kir, for 34 years of facing our fears and embracing our tears with Love and Laughter...love, bri)

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27 May 2024

All Who Gave All (Memorial Day 2024)

the saying goes
that All gave some
and Some gave all
and that resonates
with our Divine
and Human instinct
to serve and protect
and our capacity
to care and connect
in our Divine
and common Humanity
and given the chaos
of impenetrable polarities
and indefensible perplexities
and industrial complexities
in our world
that keeps trying
to keep us disconnected
where we can feel
like things are fated
to trap us
infernally in hatred
there is a special
place of Gratitude
for those who fight
(and even die)
to bring an end
to the lie
that we cannot ever
end the fighting
and ignite the Light
of Beloved Community
Eternally in Love
and so we celebrate
Those who went big
and gave all
for the sake
of undying Peace
who Inspire Us
to do the same 
each and every Day
in our small
yet Sacred Ways...

Thanks Be for Them.

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('The American Dream' © Daniel Wall)

12 May 2024

Unknowingly Known (Mother's Day 2024)

it all begins
with a radical Risk
a Leap of Faith
into the Unknown
for the sake
of Incarnate Love
in the form
of an Unknown
yet Knowing intuitively
that the Journey
through murky uncertainty
into unbelievable Birth
is worth the danger
like a friend request
sent to a familiar
and Beloved stranger
allowing the Life
of another to enter
the deepest, most vulnerably
intimate places within
opening up to embraces
from faces only imagined
appearing in surprising places
endearingly and perpetually
in spaces that stretch
the sinews and warm
the Senses and Souls
Eternally like a Manger
and while the Path
winds its wild Way
through blind alleys
and dark valleys
over dazzling peaks
at dizzying heights
like a maniacal
and Mystical rollercoaster
there are no regrets
only plenty of Re-Gifts
that Miraculously Multiply
with each Giving
if not like rabbits
at least like remnants
precious and rare
(sometimes rarely shared)
of a limitless Love
that keeps on living
through precious reminiscences
amidst painful remisses
over endless distances
and friendless absences
with a Pulse
that keeps Pumping
and a Heart
that keeps Hoping
and a Grace
that keeps Guiding
and a Courage
that keeps Encouraging
from the very start
through every chart
of unimaginable weather
even when apart
always intrinsically Together...

for all our Mothers 
and Nurturing Others...


#220wordprayers #MothersDay2024 #GratefulForTheHistoryOfPlungingDeeperIntoMystery

('Mujer' © Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux)

04 May 2024

May Da(y)ze

with so much happening
on our Planet
in our Psyches
that is battering
(and even bludgeoning)
our Senses of Spirit
and sentient Self
out of ferocious fear
and horrific hate
into a collective haze
where we desperately scream
in a perpetual Maydaze
and as the rate
of the blood 
pumping through our persons
coursing through our veins
is forcing us
to flee away
and causing us
to hold plausibility 
(and even possibility)
distantly at bay 
while the pulp
of our Personhood
slurps and syphons 
into comforting cocoons
and protective buds
amidst the strife
of double-standarded destruction
and genocidal guilt
(and gut-wrenching grief)
wielded by wanna-be
despots and dictators
espousing desires for peace
whilst eschewing any tangible
efforts towards relief
with fewer answers
and more cancers
we find ourselves
waiting and wondering
if and when
any beautiful Blossoms
or bedazzling Butterflies
will eventually emerge
in a Spirited Surge
of Luminous Love
a single-minded Wisdom
and single-hearted Hope
for restorative Healing
and Resurrected Life...

and maybe while
our tempers boil
and our sanities uncoil
all too visibly
and we look around
and shout out
'What's goin' ON?'
those dormant seeds
in Sacred Soil
are slowly stretching
and taking root
silently and invisibly
and the subtle sprigs
of new growth
are already forming
and the sublime sparks
of new Light
are already happening
in the Divine Darkness
underneath and WITHIN
ready to burst out
in Radiant Rays
of neverending Maydays...

Let It Be.

#240wordprayers #Eastertide2024 #Mayday2024 

('Regeneration' © Verena Wild)

22 April 2024

Blossoming (Earth Day 2024)

while our beautiful Home
wheezes and moans
and our Beloved Humanity
sneezes and groans
may our suggestive sighing
and congestive crying
be transformed into collective
singing and shining
of breezes and birds
and trees and terrestrials
caring and sharing
in Awesome Reciprocity
and Blossoming Luminosity
beyond describing in words...


#50wordprayers #EarthDay2024 #CreationCaringAndSharing #ListeningToOurMotherAndLovingOurHome #PeopleAndPlanetAreOne

('Portland in Bloom' © Lisa Sofia Robinson)