08 December 2022

Presence and Resonance

for all those
longing to hear
a Voice once
so dear whispering
from the shadows
of graven fear
that can clear
the muddled air
and befuddled mind
of its confusion
as to why
it has been
left in the darkness...

may the Silence
fill the starkness
with Loving Presence
and rejuvenating Resonance
calming the shouting
of the doubting
in astounding Peace
with Infinite Patience
and Illuminating Light
in the disturbing
and distorting night 
comforting the fright
creating new Sight
and Hearing beyond
fearing the unknown
and waiting all alone...


#90wordprayers #Advent2022 #TheCloudOfUnknowingAsACocoonOfGrowing #TheDarkNightOfTheSoulAsASeasonToBecomeWhole

('Dark Night of the Soul' © Stephen K)

07 December 2022

ideal into Real

for the ways
she was blown 
away (not known
to be tossed)
by the Wind
and flown
into the netherlands
between domesticity
and Eternity
(whether she
was ready
to be bandied
about as
an outcast
or a Saint
or both)
crying out 
to Infinity
'holy mother 
of God!'
counting the cost
of feeling lonely
and lost
only wanting
with each sigh
and groan
some semblance
of resemblant Connection
in the haunting
and daunting Silence
the Life grown
within her womb
sowing seeds
of heartbreak
and Hope
not knowing
the hearts
He'll break
(including her own)
and she'll break
(having so much
to bear as
she carries Immanuel - 
God WITH us - 
most often alone)
and the intimations
she'll forsake
casting expectations abroad 
as she journeyed 
onward as the 
Mother of God
yet outlasting 
the infamy
of fantastical Birth
the breathing
and pushing
through the pain
of releasing
our inborn dependency
on the constancy
of the acceptance
and affirmation
of others
to welcome us
into an Incarnation
of Infinite Infancy
the child Jesus
reawakening us
to our Eternal 
Worth within
which frees us
to Be
our Selves
making Room for
a Universal Intimacy
through Sacrificiality
that cuts through
the artificiality
that perpetually
constricts our character
to squeeze us
to please others
to prove
our Selves
how she moved
through the ordeal
appealing to our
sense of authenticity
revealing the Real
most sincerely
without fear
leading the Way
and how astonishing
the Reality is
that she persevered
not merely
as a vessel
of true Love
but appeared into
this Day
this Life
this World
(so battered and bruised
and Brazenly Blessed
and desolate and distressed
and Divinely Dressed
and tattered and torn
and Transcendently Thunderous
and weathered and worn 
and Winsomely Wondrous)
as One
so uniquely
and beautifully Born...

Thank You.

#300wordprayers #Advent2022 #ForMaryAndImmanuelAndTheJourneyFromTheIdealIntoTheReal 

('Forces of Nature' © agsandrew)

29 November 2022


when your sense
of direction scrambles
from an experience
of rejection
that leaves
your Heart
and Soul
in shambles
and your sense
of belonging ambles
into uncharted
thistles and brambles
ducking and covering
from the startling
imaginary whistles
of misguided missiles
may the Missives
of Mysterious Love
from the One
waiting to be
born in you
who grieves
with you
and believes
in you
Resonate and Reverberate
into your longing
and guide you
through the pain
that blinds you
into the Hope
that binds you
to the Source
and the Wisdom
that reminds you
that though you
have been thrown
and tossed about
by storms
of abandonment
and alienation
your disorientation
is leading you
into a reorientation
of your perception
of your journey
and a reception
of your Beloved
and bedraggled Self
into the Heart
and Soul
of All
That Is
disarming the deception
of your supposed
unworthiness and embracing
the conception
of your Sacred
Loveliness in All
That You Are
braving the Road
less traveled
allowing your Self
to unravel
paving a Path
to ponder
tracing your Way
into a Space
that is kinder
with a Living
Reminder that All
who Wander
are not lost...


#200wordprayers #Advent2022

('Not All Who Wander Are Lost' © StephenC)

28 November 2022


when the weight
of the World
grows so heavy
and thick it
leaves us trembling
trapped and unable
to move forwards
or even cope
may the Wait
for Your birth
somehow unearth Strength
to move towards
anything resembling Hope...


#40wordprayers #Advent2022

('Grace in the Dark' © Jan Richardson)

25 November 2022

Three Words

for the nudging
when we're trudging
through the mire
of painful disconnection
having to endure 
some of the worst
that humanity has
to offer wondering 
why we should
even bother budging
from our space
of disdainful insurrection
and knowing intimately
the emotional bruises
and justifiable excuses
for being begrudging
in opening up
the causeway
that might place us
in harm's way
and disgrace us
once again 
yet not knowing 
when or if 
there will be 
another chance 
for connection
(even if we
are willing to
place that bet)
to not forget
(and risk regret)
to say Three
simply profound Words
(to the degree
we can do so
not passive aggressively
but with massive
authenticity and honesty)...

'i Love You'...


#120wordprayers #ThankfulNovember #SayingGoodbyeWithCourageousIntegrityAndGrace #LoveIsStrongerThanAnythingAndEverything #IncludingIronicPassiveAggressivity 

("Michelangelo Hands 'Creation' - A Study' © Khairzul MG)

24 November 2022


for all the Gifts
arriving in packages
of profound perplexity
like crazy combinations
of madness and sanity
guilt and Graces
salt stirring in gravies
and rolling down Faces
the not quites
and maybes
of countries founded
on high ideals
yet confounded
on how the diversity
of entities converge
to create a Community
never realized before
and families grounded
by deep grief 
and buoyed 
by deeper Gratitude
finding their strength
in the shared
Sorrow and Joy
Doubt and Belief
complicated containers
often crammed
with remainders
and leftovers
closing us up
driving us further
into the land
of complainers
searching in vain
for four-leaf clovers
yet opening Something
within our Selves
that was buried
within the complexity
like the most delicious 
morsel hidden
within the girth
of the feast
the most precious
treasure imbedded
within the heart
of the Earth
and the Hearts
of the Least
in the fears
rarely ridden
and the Tears
barely bidden
amidst our inner resistance
to hear once again
the Mystical Musicality
of the greatest Call
embracing the Reality
at the core
of our existence
upon this terrestrial Ball...
One Hand
One Heart
One Beat
One Breath
One Love
One Light
stronger than death
longer than Life
the most essential
and Simple Gift
of All...

Thank You.

#210wordprayers #ThankfulNovember #HappyThanksgiving2022 

23 November 2022


in the seasons
where the pain
is so real
and unrelenting
that our reasons
for being deflective
(choosing not
to share)
are not reflective
of a lack
of need
for Care
but signs
of how affective
and overwhelming
the burden is
and how venting
takes more energy
than sighs
and we're given
the Gift
of space
to release some
of the pain
we bear
not through invectives
but in Cries
and Whispers
that transform
into our form
of Prayer...


#80wordprayers #ThankfulNovember #HolidaysAreHardWhenWeAreHurting #SpaceForGraceBringsHealingAndHopeInTime

('The Veil of Illusion' © Katia San Millan)