07 December 2014

three and one (advent on the freeway)


three vehicles
one cargo
three travelers
one purpose
deliver tree
on roof
to hearth
and home
22 west
405 north
three vessels
of steel
and synthetics
and computerized
magical machinations
and rubber
on road
no camels
in sight
three kings
of highway
three magi
of mechanics
following lines
on road
not star
in sky
three destinations
not one
house in
little town
of david
7th avenue
orange avenue
long beach
blvd offramps
importing magic
and life
from vibrant
majestic forest
to concrete
sub-urban jungle
different means
same dreams
of wonder
and wisdom
of harmony
and hope
of passion
and peace
on earth
for all
three trees
one tale
three sojourners
one star
three gifts
one grace
three chimeras
one Child

(6 December 2014, from Tustin to LAX…
unable to safely take pic of third vehicle behind me)

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