05 December 2014

did you hear? (advent via online chatter)

did you hear what i heard?
did i hear what i thought
i might have almost just heard? 
did she say what i thought 
i heard she might have said? 
could it all actually be true? 
he said WHAT? she is WHAT? 
and from WHO? does he KNOW? 
will he BLOW her off completely? 
he ought to what a slut 
i can’t believe she would do 
this to him to her family
if he stays he’s a doormat 
what a wimp what’s her story? 
what excuse did she make up? 
knocked up by an invisible spirit? 
that’s creative i’ll give her that
she must really love the father
or be scared out of her
mind to protect him like that
it’s just another example of how
parents have neglected their duties to
raise their children with some sense
of moral values deadbeat parents too
consumed with their own dramas and
careers that they forget their children
deplorable despicable disgusting of course she’s
left town to visit her sister
she can’t stay around here and
face the music what a coward
but she’ll be back with her
baby another young single mom putting
herself before the needs of her
child who will be raised by
a single parent but i heard
that her fiancé is sticking around
even though the kid isn’t his
what’s in it for him i 
just don’t know but he’s scored
major points for standing up like
a real man what a stud
and i heard something is in
the works a new reality series
i heard it will be called
‘Holy Mother of God’ another retread
of a show about a teenager
and her child and her husband
and how they try to survive
life in the here and now
but there will be plenty of
special effects and shock and surprises
stars and spirits and they’ll be
celebrities famous people i’m SO envious
lucky little lady what a rockstar
it’s all dark for her now
but ‘it’s always darkest just before
the dawn’ someone said that i
think it was Beyonce or someone
i saw it with a nice
picture of a sunrise i think
did you hear what i heard?

(5 December 2014, when the sky got dark and i didn’t notice the sunset because i was staring at my computer screen)

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