26 March 2013

supporting meg brooker

hi friends...

i just got word that a good friend is traveling through a daunting journey in her life, and i wanted to spread the word about how she and her husband can be supported.

Meg Brooker is a good friend of my family, and the wife of Trevor's cross country coach at Hellgate High School, Anders Brooker. she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and will be having surgery next Monday, 1 April, to hopefully remove all of it. they do not know at this time the condition of the tumor, only that it is in her left frontal lobe and it is large.

i know some of you who follow my blog know Meg and others don't. regardless, i would ask you to remember her (and Anders) in your thoughts, and for those of who you may be people of prayer to hold them prayerfully in your hearts.

i will not be posting regular updates on my site, but there is a site that has been set up to do that. here is the link:


Meg has been a great source of support and encouragement to Trevor in his running and life, and to my family in our time of transition. thanks so much for any and every act of support you can offer for her.

deep peace to you,


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