04 July 2019

in(ter)dependence day

for all dear children
still huddled in cages
yearning to breathe free
for all weary refugees
still fleeing the rages
longing simply to be
for all frightened citizens
still trapped by ages
of faithless fears
may the tears
of oppression
of yearning
o'er the years
water buried seeds
of Hope
and Peace
and Liberty
and Justice
for ALL.


#60wordprayers #IndependenceDayOneDayForAll

('We the People are Greater Than Fear' © Shepard Fairey)

29 May 2019


and another Beloved
who shares my predisposition
for nocturnal remission
and slumber omission
slips out into my secret
space of facing
my own worst fears
(sans tears)
with jeers
from the silent crowd
in my cerebellum
not knowing the facade
that's slowly cracking
in its casing
revealing the hidden indisposition
dis-gracing, de-facing
the luminous Radiance
beneath and within
a fractured inheritance
not in remission
or generational omission
but granted onward
in regrettable submission
to internal cognition
twisted by trauma
dangling in drama
in eternal transmission
seeking perpetual transition
to clearer, healthier,
brighter, Lighter

('Deep' © Matt Beard)

27 May 2019


standing helplessly
by a bobbing
beloved one
drowning in despair
buoyed by a bottle
of buried betrayal
and belated burial
struggling hopelessly
with disparate desires
to throttle and console
seeking hopefully
to maintain balance
whilst wobbling
on the ledge
of control
overwhelmed by waves
of regret and worry
waiting for the Winds
to change
and the Tides
of fear and fury
to turn
towards the shores
of serenity
and Spirit
and the Voice
whispering Wisdom
and Love
to break through
the deafening dependency
to the broken heart
in hopes
that the bobbing
beloved one
won't fear it
will hear it
draw near it
release the bottle
engage the throttle
of Trust
and Breathe
and Hope...

(21 May 2019)

('Hand Jive' © Matt Beard)

25 May 2019


we feel trapped
by terror
shamed by shame
unable to name
aiming the blame
at the world
and each other
but ultimately
numbing what's known
unable to own
our error
pacing the perimeter
facing depths
fearing death...



('Trapped in a Night Terror' © Claudia A. Krizay)

24 May 2019

chromatic entropic harmony

Birds singing
in chromatic counterpoint
for communication, connection
as tears from heaven
softly anoint the wounded
sacred Soil
it is still
and quiet
and Peaceful
around me
which amplifies
the raging ruminating
within me
what has happened
to my faculties
for focus?
my attention darts
every which way
all at once
not like a bee
from flower to flower
searching for sustenance
navigating for nectar
but bouncing
all the same
not knowing what
i'm searching for
or bouncing
(or bounding) towards
my heart is an aching
fractured acorn
(nearly fossilized)
with fragments straining
to stay connected
held by fibers strained
and fraying
almost beyond repair
pieces pulled too powerfully
in disparate directions
entropic forces of faith
and family
and future
and feelings
and frustrations
and fantasies
and futilities
and finalities
and fondness
and fineness
and finesse
so many friggin'
'f' words
all blurred
into a melee
of Mystery
and madness
and bird
songs longing
to be played
and steps waiting
to be made
and stones needing
to be laid
and scenes waiting
to be displayed
and Spirits saying
'be not afraid'
and fibers
not completely frayed
enough remains
to be remade
in harmonic counterpoint
for restoration, reconnection,
revelation of Love

(15 May 2019)

('Chromatic Water Theory I: Percussion' © Matt Beard)

23 May 2019


when hesitant revelations
produce harrowing ruinations
and the known
world is whirring
in quantum revolutions
and multiple directions
and infinite dimensions
and the silent
Soul is stirring
through piercing dissections
of exhaustive collections
and shame-based corrections...






('Imagine: Transient Chaos' © Chuck Gumpert)

22 May 2019

sparks and embers

sparks fly
but embers glow
can flash
but Warmth emanates
and all of this 
depends on the Wind
to ignite
and alight
and glow
and radiate