10 December 2017

enlarged (day 371)

in desperate days
of waiting for
to be healed
not inflicted
to be celebrated
not resisted
to be lavished
not restricted
like Mary
and Mother Earth
may our capacity
for compassion be
in the waiting


#40wordprayers #Advent2017

('Emmanuel' © Kimberly Greeno)

07 December 2017

Sunflower (day 370)

in gardens
or graves
or Glorious groans
the Seed sown
in the womb
of the Parent
of the Planet
emerges in birth
a Saviour
a Sunflower
drawing Light
into our darkness
connecting the lifeless
with Life
unearthing our Worth


#40wordprayers #Advent2017

02 December 2017

that little Kid (day 369)

that little Kid
over whom we
fuss and fret
fawn and forget
that he came
to us all
not simply for
us all to
believe and receive
but to grieve
and release all
our fears and 
tears and regret...


#40wordprayers #Advent2017

25 November 2017

(at least) 305 (day 368)

Peaceful sojourners
gathered to celebrate
the Merciful One
slain by others
in the same Name
sisters and brothers
whose blood runs
the same colour
whose passion pursues
the same Lover
one refusing to reciprocate
the same Mercy
to another...


#40wordprayers #Egypt #OneLove #OneMercy #OnePeace

('Allah Teardrop' - artist unknown)

23 November 2017

living Thanks (day 367)

in this season
as lives are
gutted by gunfire
shattered by storms
leveled by loss
giving Thanks
for Light
that pierces darkness
through bullet holes
for Hope
that permeates despair
through courageous comforters
compassionate advocates
embodying Care
living Thanks


#40wordprayers #HappyThanksgiving2017

('Gratitude' © Todd Davidson)

10 November 2017

pacing (day 366)

and while the
endless wailing leaves
my ears ringing
my brain railing
my heart and Spirit
maintain a mantra
counteracting the chaos
a purposeful pulse
a Peaceful pace
each Breath a reminder
that the essence
of the race
is Grace.

#40wordprayers #CREDO69

'The Peace, Love and Presence of God in the Senseless Storm' © Rebecca Brogan

racing... (day 365)

it took several days
to slow it down
but only a few
hours of stress showers
pouring upon my psyche
from maniacal media overload
and subconscious psyche tsunami 
to subvert my momentarily
peaceful mind
and set it racing



('Mind Racing' © Scott Benites)