09 December 2018

turning and yearning (day 399)

waiting in pre-dawn
for what seems
like an Eternity
willing the world
to turning
in the direction
of Light
wondering how
willing the world
is to endure
this strange Maternity
improbable Hope
indiscriminate Love
indescribable Peace
yearning for Birth...


#40wordprayers #Advent2018

07 December 2018

for Mary (and Emmanuel)(day 398)

the hopes and fears
of all the years
the weight and Light
of all the worlds
the Rhythm and Radiance
of Love more powerful
than tide and tomb
in places more primal
than heart and womb

She bears Beautifully.


#40wordprayers #Advent2018

22 November 2018

Thankful (day 397)

when Paradise is lost
and partners have passed
and common sense
is outweighed by exhaust
i'm Thankful for flickers
of Light
in the ashes
and Presence
in the absence
and Love
that sighs
and cries
but never


#40wordprayers #Thanksgiving2018

14 November 2018

shoulders (day 396)

bearing the weight
of multiple worlds
and mind-boggling needs
like Atlas unshrugging
in dying degrees
our shoulders
need Shoulders
to sigh on
to cry on
to rest and
rely on
to release
and regain
the Power
to try on


#40wordprayers #WoolseyFire #CampFire

08 November 2018

wringing and ringing (day 395)

saying fond farewell
too frequently
praying 'what the hell'
too succinctly
playing show-and-tell
too discretely

(betraying the hard sell
more concretely)

decaying the hard shell
more completely
delaying the death knell
more distinctly
swaying the church bell
more fervently


#40wordprayers #RIPNoelBarbaraSalvadorSpud #EnoughRIPs

('The Music Lesson' (Sound of the Bell)' by René Magritte)

26 October 2018

identity (day 394)

centering in Love?
i thought it
had to do
with thinking of 
others first and
yourself worst and 
fundamentally cursed
but now i wonder
casting asunder
shameful thunder
to breathe
and believe
not being afraid
of being made
of Love.


('Centered in Love' by The Gathering Art Collective)

vanity (day 393)

there's nothing new
under the Sun
clouded by rain
shrouded in pain
meaning meandering
in mindless menageries
connection a confection
for careless consumption
sitting in Silence
with no Sun
languishing similar lines
rehashing similar rhymes
to nowhere
for no One...


('Vanities Still Life' by Pieter Claesz, 1625)