10 November 2017

pacing (day 366)

and while the
endless wailing leaves
my ears ringing
my brain railing
my heart and Spirit
maintain a mantra
counteracting the chaos
a purposeful pulse
a Peaceful pace
each Breath a reminder
that the essence
of the race
is Grace.

#40wordprayers #CREDO69

'The Peace, Love and Presence of God in the Senseless Storm' © Rebecca Brogan

racing... (day 365)

it took several days
to slow it down
but only a few
hours of stress showers
pouring upon my psyche
from maniacal media overload
and subconscious psyche tsunami 
to subvert my momentarily
peaceful mind
and set it racing



('Mind Racing' © Scott Benites)

mind... (day 364)

it's an amazing 
little Organism
in the grand scheme
of things
its container
the size of
a lopsided grapefruit
its contents
the seedbed for
amazing galaxies
of creativity
and imaginativity
its activity
in perpetuity
amidst incongruity
emerges acuity



#40wordprayers #CREDO69

09 November 2017


Love is
the Source
of all
that is

i am
Loved and

I am
called to
be rooted
in who
I am
and Whose
I am

I will
stretch my
Beloved body
broaden my
Mysterious mind
expand my
Hallowed heart
extend my
Sensitive Spirit
like Branches
reaching up
and out
into beautiful
blue Sky
by listening
to the
Voice calling
me Beloved
seeking inspiration
through perspiration
drumming, running
laughing, living
with lovely
Beloved ones
time by
myself for
delightful dreaming
mindful meandering
blessed breathing
wondrous wheeling
time spent
on what
is spent
and recognizing
the gifts
of Generosity
the vision
of Provision

being aware
of the
shadow values
that cause
the Spider
to abandon
the Centre
and flee
in fear
and tear
the Web
of interconnection
and integration

being thankful
for the
fragrant Fruit
of Identity
and Joy
and Peace
and Health
and Abundance
and Acceptance
that the
greatest Gift
of all
is Love

(5 Nov 2017)

#morethan40wordprayer #CREDO69

('Self Portrait' © Tom Deininger. Artwork created from discarded objects.)

08 November 2017

creative chaos (day 363)

we sweat and strive
through challenges and crises
towards the next moment
when we can call
our work a 'success'
so often forgetting
that it's not
in the calm
but the chaos
where transformative
lasting change
is created



#40wordprayers #CREDO69

Web (day 362)

silky strands of
Soul strung silently
intentionally interconnected integration
sensuously sinuous Sculptor
cradled in Centre
until towering threat
(incarnate or imagined)
traverses too close
Spider scampers away
in frantic fear
tearing the Web
disclosing disconnected disintegration



#40wordprayers #CREDO69

07 November 2017

amazing (day 361)

amidst the hullabaloo
of honking horns
and hollering humans
today's touristas trampling
through town transporting
their experiences through
lenses of latex
frames of familiarity
rising above
the clamourous chaos
a lone saxophone
sings a soaring
Sacred song of


(Thanks to Charles, the saxophonist, for the inspiration. :)

#40wordprayers #CREDO69