11 December 2014

tears (advent in the rain)

tears from the heavens
a sacred soaking
for scorched starved soil
droplets of life
for rebirth of earth

tears from the stable
a clamoring canticle
for harrowed haggard humanity
jewels of joy
to the world unfurled

tears from the garden
a despairing deluge
for agonized anxious adversity
splashes of faith
to flood out fear

tears from the cross
a blessed baptism
for fearful friends foils
beads of love
for healing of hearts

tears from the tomb
a wondrous washing
for suffering sorrowful sojourners
flashes of hope
for humans and humus

(11 December 2014, Ukiah...photo of children playing in front of Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem from art.com)

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