16 June 2013

a gift

and in a moment of silence
it becomes clear
that the truth comes as a gift
but the wrapping is different
each time

it comes wrapped in pain, sorrow, anger

it descends in fire
burning my tongue
and my whole being
shaking my foundations
down to the core

it hovers around me
like a fly buzzing
next to my ear
then up on the wall
then bouncing against the window
wanting to be free
from the walls
i’ve put around it
suffocating it
restricting its movement

truth is always moving
place to place
person to person
and keeping it from going
where it’s supposed to go
keeps it from doing
what it’s supposed to do
heal, illumine
direct, protect
make holy
make whole

Truth arrives on the wings of grace
in words beyond eloquence
in a living Word
full of grace and truth
a Word that moves
place to place
person to person
and yet is in all places
among all persons
a Word that moves
in the receiving and giving and living
that brings healing
in the hearing and telling
that brings grace and truth...
and life.


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