06 June 2013

'NEW' BLOG POST on MiM - 'Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance'

greetings, faithful friends and readers!

it's that time of year (at least where i live) where most folks are scraping the rust off of their trusty lawnmowers and making their first attempts at taming their urban/suburban landscapes.

in honour of this annual, time-honoured and patience-testing tradition, i offer a 'new' blog post on MakeItMissoula.com!

'Zen and the Art of Lawn Maintenance'

for the few of you who have been reading my pieces since i started this site, you may notice that this is a piece i originally wrote about a year ago for this site. it is slightly re-worked for MiM (with some photos for additional flair) with gratitude to MiM for giving it a chance at a wider readership.

enjoy...and remember...whether its a lawn in your yard or a circumstance in your life, before you 'mow' it, take time to 'know' it. :)


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