15 October 2013

*NEW PODCAST on Tell Us Something :)

hi there, fellow travelers :)

while i like to write stories and musings here on the blog, my more 'native tongue' (at least vocationally) is to TELL stories.

one of the great venues that has emerged in the ever-expanding world of public storytelling happens quarterly in Missoula. at each event, there is a theme for the night and three guidelines for storytellers:

1. It must be a true story (although you do not have to be directly involved in it).
2. You must tell the story using no notes or prompts.
3. You have roughly 10 minutes to do so.

the gathering is called 'Tell Us Something'. and i have had the privilege and joy of participating in two of the events this past year.

the TUS from June was entitled 'Perception'. and i got to be the last storyteller that night. AND...believe it or not, i got to follow Ric Parnell, the actor/drummer who played Mick Shrimpton, the drummer in Spinal Tap. No joke!

they entitled my story 'Pictures of Jesus...or Whoh...Bitchin'.

click on the title of the story above to hear it.

enjoy...and peace to you all,

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