01 October 2012

referees, raspberries and relationships ('adventures on bus 132', vol. II)

adolescence is a time of constant changes, hormonal hangups, self-justification and self-recrimination, and emotional extremes.

on Bus 132, all of the above and much more can emerge and be expressed. sometimes within the span of a 15 minute drive.

like on my first day, when the first student i pick up in the morning (a young lady i'll call Tanya) responded to my greeting that i was her driver with a friendly 'AWESOME!' i was so touched, the outlook of my whole day was transformed (i even high fived one of the students later in the day ;).

(remember this guy from the previous blog?)

then, on my second day, when Tanya expressed her extreme displeasure over the fact that another boy on the bus (i'll call him Nick) had been given a new hardcase for his eyeglasses, and she hadn't, and how unfair that was. which led to bickering back and forth, and then enraged profanity, and finally escalated into fisticuffs, with Nick punching Tanya in the back as she was walking back to her seat, and Tanya turning and clocking Nick in the head with a wicked right-hand cross.

in a flash, my role went from this...

to this...

then the NEXT day, when i was met in the morning with a warm smile and greeting from Tanya, a pretty flower in her hand that she was taking to class.

and later, when i was looking at my 'charges' in the rearview mirror at a stop light. and Tanya noticed me, stuck her hands on the sides of her head, fingers outstretched, and gave me a 'raspberry'.

and to her surprise, i playfully did the same to her, which elicited a belly laugh.

such is the stuff of relational connections, whether you're a teenager plugging along with special gifts and needs, or an adult struggling along with a hairline that recedes.

we're both riding the roller coaster of life in the in-betweens.

hanging on for dear life...and letting go for dear life.

no gloves or whistle or striped shirt necessary.

just a smile.

and a sense of humour.

and an openness to wherever the wild and unpredictable ride leads next.

(which for me, right now, is back for the afternoon route on Bus 132 :)


  1. This is very sweet, and again, love the images (both written and photographed). Bus 132 sounds like a special place for all involved. (minus the fisticuffs) I actually had a bus driver who used a whistle, though, unsuccessfully :)

    1. oh wow...the only 'whistling' that hopefully will happen on my bus is a happy tune ;)...thanks, anne...peace, b.