30 September 2012

a NEW opportunity :)

hi, all you faithful blog readers :)

i just wanted to let you know that, thanks to a couple of very gifted and kind-hearted friends, i am now the newest 'Contributing Blogger' at the great site 'Make It Missoula'!

they have published my recent piece, 'Playing With Fire', as one of their 'Featured Stories' on their homepage. and they've created a page just for my blogs.

to check out the whole site (and see my blog as a 'Featured Story')...

-- go to Make It Missoula

-- go to 'Featured Stories' (near the top of the homepage)

-- click on the number '1' above the stories (for today, 30 September, at least...if not, just let the stories scroll until you see the picture of Ian and me and the title of the piece)

-- click on the title of the piece, 'Playing with Fire'

-- read away!

(here's a direct link to the piece and my page if you want to just go straight there: 'Playing with Fire')

PLEASE check out the whole site...it's an awesome resource for 'All Things Missoula'!

and thanks for reading my stuff, and supporting me in this new expression of my 'vocation'... :)


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