26 April 2020

known in ordinariness

sauntering down
the road
into darkness
the despair
of lost
dreams, desire
fading away
like the
sun over
the horizon
seems to
vanish verily
and banish
the Light
to burial
living warily
into reality
of death
giving up
the Ghost

we meet
a guest
who wanders
onto our
path and
wonders about
our faces
showing traces
of grief
and spaces
of sadness
our eyes
can't disguise
the Reality
that's dead
among us
within us
not knowing
which hurts
the most

a lesson
commences on
blessings of
the Divine
offenses of
human design
over centuries
and communities
all majoring
in finality
figuring out
the equation
nailing down
the Incarnation
boxing up
the Manifestation
but missing
the Reality
of Divinity
in Carnality

the explanations
are overwhelming
our boggled
minds disorienting
our conceptions
diminishing our
perceptions dimming
our visions
like the
skies darkening
into deeper
twilight blue
no Light
left to
travel onward
we invite
our guest
to join
us inward
to rest

a meal
a bed
for this
never-ending night
a table
a candle
a Spark
of Light
but before
anyone rises
to offer
a toast
the bread
is taken
the Guest
becomes Host
no word
is spoken
the bread
is broken

and eyes
of disguise
are illumined
by Surprise
and breath
is taken
completely away
like the
Guest Host
disappears into
the remnants
of day
leaving heads
spinning intricately
and hearts
burning intimately
and Spirits
churning infinitely
and breath
returning transformatively

does illumination
arrive whispering
while wandering
on the
wings of
our Wondering?
in silence
of Mind
and simplicity
of Spirit?
might revelation
come less
theologically and
more biologically
and relationally?
less rhapsodizing
religiously and
more breaking
bread communally?
the Magnificent
manifest in
the mundane?
Divinity in
the daily?
Sacred in
the secular?
Holiness in
the hunger
and hungry? 
could transformation
happen less
in belief
and more
in empowered
action and
compassionate relief?

is ordinary
the vessel
for the


#240wordprayers #Easter2020 #ResurrectionAsAGradualSunrise

('Road to Emmaus' by Daniel Bonnell)

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