16 February 2017

between orbits #52 & 53

pain behind the eyes
and a Hopeful longing
in the heart
not a bad way
to start
a new day
a new week
a new year
of surprise
for no one
really knows
which way
the Wind blows
or where
the red fern grows
or how Destiny shows
itself except
for the unanticipated
Moments that arise
like wild flowers
in disguise
or spring showers
amidst the fireflies
of summer
or daylight in dungeons
i enter
this day
like any other
not knowing
where circumstances
will lead
or how interactions
will feed
connection or conniption
what friction
might spark
a new possibility
what diction
might blur
innate plausibility
as understanding
while landing
upon Ground
familiar yet not
new words arise
out of old
new perspectives emerge
out of old
paradigms and parables
all this unbearable
lollygagging with language
whilst flagging my frontal
cortex to converge
into the surge
of first Light
straining to ignite
a Spark
of engaging
with my Heart
receive the fresh start
of embracing
the longing for Hope
and despairing
or not caring
which way the Wind
or how the Rain
and stings
both the skin
and the Spirit within
stirring that pain
and allowing it
to become a Gateway
to broader understanding
and fuller feeling
and deeper healing
of the longing and
pain behind the lies

(9 Feb 2017)

('SunArt' ©2011 by Mary Sonya Fowler-Conti)

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