16 June 2016

*PODCAST: 'Blinded By The Right' (29 May 2016)

greetings, faithful few 'apocalypsians' (i've never thought to give you all a nickname...what do you think? ;)

thanks as always for reading (and occasionally sharing) my very intermittent blog pieces (mostly poem prayers lately). i truly appreciate you taking the time and energy to do so.

some of you may not know that my 'day job' is helping to lead a faith community as the person they designate as 'pastor' (which i take to mean storyteller, listener, fellow sojourner, and general troublemaker). i have had the joy and honour of serving and growing with Moreland Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR since last December.

our messages from our weekly worship experiences are available via online at the MPC website here.

i thought i'd post a recent one here on my blog for your consideration (and perhaps inspiration, even if you listen whilst exercising and are drenched with perspiration). here is the link to it:

'Blinded by the Right' (click on the title to connect to the site, then click on the play arrow on the audio player to hear the message).

you can also subscribe to the messages via podcast. simply go to the page where the audio file plays (here). below the audio player, you will see the options for 'Podcast' and below that for 'Subscribe'. the 'Subscribe' option include links to subscribe via iTunes, Android or RSS. click on the link and follow the instructions, and you can receive weekly messages from MPC!

thanks again...cheers and peace to you all,

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