25 December 2014

arising above aurora (christmas in the air)

my body is moving
faster than it was
created to move

my mind is racing
farther than it could
ever venture before

my heart is beating
stronger than my chest
could possibly contain

my spirit is soaring
higher than it was
created to soar

my psyche is straining
under the weight of
uncertainties and expectations

my memory is churning
amidst the pains of
insecurities and resignations

my being is burning
like a space capsule
piercing our atmosphere

my life is yearning
for healing and release
revealing and peace

my future is floating
in the divine ether
of disorienting reorientation

my faith is floundering
flummoxing its way into
the mysterious magnificence

my hope is fleeting
flying like a shooting
Star of wonder

my Love is lying
in shit and straw
in swaddling clothes

our Saviour is sighing
and cooing and crying
songs of freedom

our Creator is giving
and forgiving and living
within us all

our Light is shining
like an ember waiting
for the Wind

(25 December 2014, somewhere in the sky between SFO and DEN)

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