22 May 2013

*NEW BLOG POST on MiM - 'Enjoying the Ride'

greetings, all of you who remain out there as patient and faithful readers :)

please forgive the long absence from my writing and this blog. life happens...sometimes in such a simultaneous'y urgent convergence of experiences and events that other important things get buried underneath the weight of the urgency.

thanks for staying with me through the 'silent weeks'. it's good to be back :).

and i'm happy to announce that my first new piece in over two months is now live at Make It Missoula!

it's in honour of my dear son, Ian, leaving his teenage years behind as he turns 20 years old today :).

it's called 'Enjoying the Ride'.

hope you enjoy it...and happy birthday to my 'Big Blue'. :)

peace to you,

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