07 March 2013

'cold hands, warm heart?' NEW BLOG POST on MakeItMissoula.com :)

hola...greetings from not-so-frigid northern CA :)

just wanted to let you know that i have a brand new blog post on Make It Missoula!

the annals of my recent experience with an unusual (to me) physical phenomenon, and questioning the validity of one of our best known cliches.

just click on the blog title above to read the piece on the AMAZING MiM site.

and as always, if you enjoy it, please 'LIKE' it on their site. and PASS IT ALONG via your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other pages you frequent, or 'the old fashioned way' (email the link to your family, friends, enemies, strangers, spammers...ANYONE!)

here's the link, for oh-so-easy sharing:


deepest peace to you all,

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