21 November 2012


Evening comes
with open arms
to greet me
with open eyes
to sweep me
off my feet
and into the skies
to float on wings
of light and air
with sweetly
scented blossoms
of rose-petaled
planets and stars
surrounding me
encapsulating and
insulating me
comfortingly protecting
me from myself
as the sound
of a tree falling
in a forest is
when there are no ears
to hear it
so i myself
remain encapsulated
and still
the air i breathe
is grace calling me
as evening comes
with open arms
to meet me
to find me
to wrap me
in a comforter of sweet
stars to rest before
another long dying
day dying to
my self
evening comes
welcoming me to rest before
the One who finds
me in lostness
who calms
me in restlessness
who holds
me in breathlessness
who frees
me to breathe
and rest
and trust
and sweep my fears
off their feet
and into faith
and hope
and love
and newness
of life
and awareness
and gratitude
i breathe
a sigh
of relief
of belief...

thank You.

(and happy thanksgiving to you ALL...b.)

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