17 May 2012

the first and the last and the first

(special olympics state meet, billings, mt, may, 2012)

They swim and they splash 
and they doddle and dash
not for cheers or for cash 
but for Joy in a flash

They race and they run
not for fame, but for fun 
for they've already won
since they shine like the sun

In the midst of the race
they embody the Grace
that enlightens each face
from beyond time and space

So they giggle and cheer
out of joy, not of fear
for they broadcast so clear
the great Love ever near

Not in words, but in smiles
broadly bright, spanning miles
without pretense or guile
but inimitable style

Neither slowly nor fast
but with Spirit so vast
embrace future, now, past
last as first, first as last

First as last, last as first
no one best, no one worst
expectations transversed
limitations reversed

For they play and they prance
and they grin as they glance
and delight in the chance
just to join in the Dance

(for the organizers, the sponsors, the fans, the coaches, the teachers, the aides, the friends, the families, and the athletes who have been a part of Ian's experience in S.O., 2005-2012...all 'family' in the Spirit of Joy, Love and Life...thank you, thank you, thank you) 

(the 'extra special' olympians and coaches/teachers/aides
from missoula high schools :)


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  2. Thank you for sharing this, Brian. Beautifully refreshing!