20 April 2012

silence ('holy' saturday)

(7 april 2012, 'holy' saturday)

A bright cloudless day
no breeze or breath
dry, open space before me
windswept from the night before
a silence so deafening
it drowns out the screams
echoing in the empty well
that is my heart and soul
on this day
bright and cloudless
no traces of the explosion
that created among the rubble
this dry, open space before me
void of any remnant
of the life i once held
together like an adhesive
the fragments of those
closest to the empty well
that is my heart and soul
have vanished into
the bright cloudless sky
and i’m left to myself
awaiting the implosion
of all this emptiness
upon this dry, open place before me
no faces to comfort me
not even in my dreams
no arms to hold me
together like an adhesive
no thing
no one
to fill this empty well
this aching heart and soul
this lonely, windswept place
that is my dwelling
that used to be my home
but the deafening Silence
as it drowns
out the screams
and whispers
absent words of comfort
and enfolds me
in invisible loving arms
and holds me
for now
is all
i have
no one
but you


  1. From your "favourite blogs/sites" section, I found an Henri Nouwen video a few days ago. This post reminds of his talks about communion, community and solitude being a cycle: