18 April 2012

easter week...two weeks late

so this blog started not even a week ago. and it's been very exciting to enter into a new venue of expression like this. thanks to ANY and ALL of you who've taken the time to read and send comments and encouragement.

i'm a drummer, and so, i believe timing is one of my gifts in life.

however, the timing for starting this blog did not come with a lot of pre-planning or foresight. it just sort of happened. and it didn't take into account that during easter week, i wrote five pieces that i posted on my facebook page under 'notes' (which is where most of my prior 'blogging' happened).

i'd like to get those posts out to you all on this page. so forgive me for attempting to go back in time, but over the next five days, i'll be posting those five blogs from easter week, concluding with my posting from easter sunday on earth day. kinda like the imagery of that.

so, for those of you who already read these on my facebook page, i'm sorry.

and for those of you who haven't seen them yet, enjoy.

peace to you,

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