14 January 2016

*NEW BLOG POST on MakeItMissoula.com - 'Give Us This Day'

Hi friends...

Well, it took me several months to complete (and 4 years of lived experience to compose), but i have finally finished my semi-long winded attempt to encapsulate my experience of the past 4 years, and what (if any) meaning has emerged from it.

And thanks to the great folks at Make It Missoula, it now has a place to land on the interwebs.

You can read it here: 'Give Us This Day'

Special thanks are long overdue to Carol Sharkey-Blodgett at MiM for giving me a space to write and encouragement to do so through this season, and to Marc Moss at Tell Us Something for providing a space for me and many others in the 'Zoo to share verbal snapshots of our journeys in a way that connects us and enriches all of our journeys, and to both of them most of all for their friendship and support through it all. (You can click on the link above to TUS to hear the story as it was originally told.)

And while i presented this piece to Carol as my 'swan song' for MiM, she has graciously convinced me to keep my page there open for future musings on my new season of life in Portlandia (and specifically how it compares to life in Missoula), hopefully always keeping as keen of an eye as possible open for traces of Transcendence along the way.

The Journey continues...cheers to you all along the Way... :)

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